Shigidi And The Brass Head Of Obalufon” –  published by DAW Books/Astra Publishing (US) and Gollancz/Orion Books (UK)





Incomplete Solutions” – published by Luna Press, Scotland,  June 2019

[Includes the original novella “Incompleteness Theories” (2020 Nommo Award winner) and the original novelette “Polaris” / 7 Selected stories translated and reprinted in Spanish as “Ecuaciones Esenciales” by Ediciones Franz / Audiobook Version by Recorded Books available at this Link]



Short Fiction:


How To Win The G’idiidigbo Challenge: A Practical Guide.” (A Sauútiverse Story) – in 99 Fleeting Fantasies, Forthcoming


Blowout” – in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Forthcoming


Saturday’s Song” – Published in Lightspeed Magazine, May 2023


A Dream Of Electric Mothers” – Published in Africa Risen: A New Era Of Speculative Fiction, November 2022

[2023 Nebula Awards Finalist / Reprinted in, March 2022 / 2023 Locus Awards Finalist / Translated into Chinese and reprinted in Future Affairs Administration, 2023]


Performance Review” – in Wordcraft Writers Workshop, Project for Google Research, November 2022


An Arc of Electric Skin” – Published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, September 2021

[Author Interview / 2022 Locus Awards Finalist / 2022 Nommo Award Finalist / Reprinted in Apex Magazine, April 2022 / Reprinted in Forever Magazine, May 2022 / Reprinted in The Year’s Best African Speculative Fiction 2022.]


Comments on Your Provisional Patent Application For An Eternal Spirit Core” – Published in Clarkesworld Magazine, March 2021

[Stabby Awards Finalist, Best Short Fiction]


Tends To Zero” – Published in the Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People anthology, December 2019


Abeokuta52” – Published in Omenana Issue 14, October 2019

[Reprinted in The Big Book of Cyberpunk (Vintage, 2023)]


Debut” – Published in Overseas Magazine, March 2019


Drift-Flux” – Published in AfroSFv3, December 2018


When We Dream We Are Our God–  Published in Norwegian as “Når Vi Drømmer, Er Vi Selv Gud” in the 10 Investigations: All Borders Are Temporary anthology, April 2018

[First Appeared in English in Apex Magazine, May 2019 /  2020 Nommo Award Finalist, Best Short Story / Author reading]


The Harmonic Resonance Of Ejiro Anaborhi” –  Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF), March 2018

[Reprint and Audio version published in Escape Pod, February 2019  / Author Interview]


Nneoma” – Published in Space and Time Magazine, August 2017


Home is Where My Mother’s Heart is Buried” – Published in FIYAH! Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction, April 2017


The Regression Test” – Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF), January 2017

[Reprinted in The Manchester Review, July 2017 / Reprinted in Black Sci-Fi Short Stories, June 2021 / Reprinted in Computing and Technology Ethics: Engaging through Science Fiction, from MIT Press, February 2023 / Reprinted in The Best of World SF Vol. 2, October 2022 / Translated into Chinese and reprinted in Science Fiction World, January 2018 / Translated into Italian and reprinted in Futuri Uniti d’Africa, May 2021 / Author Interview / 2018 Nommo Award Winner, Best Short Story]


The Last Lagosian” – Published in Omenana Issue 8, November 2016.

[Translated into Spanish and reprinted in The Word For World is Story, March 2020.]


The Million Eyes of a Lonely and Fragile God” – Published in Stupefying Stories,  October 2016


I, Shigidi” – Published in Abyss and Apex, October 2016


Necessary And Sufficient Conditions” – Published in Imagine Africa 500, June 2016

[Reprinted in Apex Magazine, February 2019]


If They Can Learn” – Published in Futuristica Vol. 1, June 2016


Wednesday’s Story” – Published in Lightspeed Magazine, May 2016.

[Reprinted in the Event Horizon 2017 anthology, March 2017 / Reprinted in Redemption Song and Other Stories, June 2018 Nominated for the 2018 Caine Prize for African Writing / Winner of the Royal Overseas League Readers Choice Awards 2018 / 2017 Nommo Award Finalist / 2017 Locus Recommended Reading List Author Spotlight ]


Nested” – Published in SciPhi Journal, February 2016


Parse. Error. Reset.” – Published in Terraform, August 2015.

[2nd Place Prize, AMC Network and Motherboard’s Post-Humans Story Contest / Reprinted in the Terraform: Watch/Worlds/Burn anthology, August 2022]


The In-Between Places” – Published in Klorofyl Magazine, The Nomads Issue, July 2015


A Short History of Migration in Five Fragments Of You” – Published in Omenana, Issue 3, June 2015

[ Long-listed for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) award]


Liar” – Published in Wazi, June 2015


Eye” – Published in Liquid Imagination, Issue 24, February 2015.

[ io9 Story of The Week ]


Lights In The Sky” – Published in TheNakedConvos, December 2014


Thursday” – Published in The Kalahari Review, December 2014


Crocodile Ark” – Published in Omenana, Issue 1, December 2014

[io9 Story of The Week]


A Certain Sort of Warm Magic” – Published in These Words Expose Us: An Anthology, September 2014


Gamma, Or, Love in the Age of Radiation Poisoning” – Published in The Kalahari Review, April 2014.

[Audio version published on Amazing Stories, January 2016]


Zombies” – Published in Klorofyl Magazine, The Tomorrows Issue, April 2014


Connectome, Or, The Facts in the Case of Miss Valerie DeMarco, (Ph.D)” – Published in TheNakedConvos, December 2013


Silence” – Published in BellaNaija Prose, November 2013. Reprinted in These Words Expose Us: An Anthology, September 2014


Sakura” – Published in TheNakedConvos, December 2012


Transmission” – Published in BellaNaija Prose, November 2012


False Lives” – Originally Published in Afrosays, August 2012. Sandman Fan-fiction. Available for Free Download


The Human Thing” – Published in TheNakedConvos, December 2011. Reprinted in Sub-Saharan Magazine, October 2015



As Editor:

Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology, November 2023

Tales From The Coming Night: Contemporary African Speculative Fiction (in Bengali), January 2023

Africanfuturism: An Anthology, September 2020

Lights Out: Resurrection, October 2016

These Words Expose Us: An Anthology, September 2014


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