Benoît Y. G. Massart, Matthew D. Jackson, Gary J. Hampson, Berit Legler, Howard D. Johnson, Christopher A. Jackson, Oluwole Talabi, Ayana M. Breheret, Justine Daboer, Ngozi Onokwai, Rodmar Ravnas, and Marcus Sarginson. Three-Dimensional Surface-Based Modeling and Flow Simulation of Heterolithic Tidal Sandstone Reservoirs” (2012).
Published in The AAPG Search and Discovery Journal (#40983) [Adapted from oral presentation at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Long Beach, California, April 22-25, 2012.]

O. A. Talabi, J. T. Nitura, N. J. Rodriguez, M. Fernandez, M. K. Choudhary, S. F. Johari, N. M. Hanifiah, Ashok Kumar. “Modelling Pipeline and Choke Optimization for Improved Gas Field Production using an Integrated Asset Model” (2015). Published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, 14-16 September, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

W. Sifuentes, J. Moreno, P. Kumaran, R. Hamdan, M. M. Salim, M. Mohd Som, H. W. Lee, A. Ahmad, N. Pangereyeva, S. S. Biniwale, N. J. Rodriguez, J. T. Nitura, R. Alia, O. A. Talabi, V. Halabe and S. Pedraza “Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Integrated Asset Modeling – An Innovative Approach For Long Term Production Planning Focused On Enhanced Oil Recovery“. (SPE-176322). Published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Presented at the SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, 20-22 October, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. 2015

O.A. Talabi Modifying the Hall Plot for Analysis of Immiscible Gas Injection Wells. (OTC-26649) Presented at the Asia Offshore Technology Conference, 22 – 25 March, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2016

O.A. Talabi, J.T. Nitura, S. S. Biniwale, R. Ramdzani, M. M. Salim, A. Ahmad, M. K. M. Som Integrated Asset Modeling: Modernizing the Perspective for Short-Term Forecasting and Production Enhancements (SPE-182496-MS) Presented at the SPE Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, 25-27 October, Perth, Australia. 2016

S. S. Biniwale, J.T. Nitura, W. Sifuentes, R. Ramdzani, O. A. Talabi, N.E. Seruji, M. M. Salim, M. K. M. Som, A. Ahmad, V. Halabe, N. J. Rodriguez, O. Koundarkar, Integrated Live Asset Modeling – A Necessity to Unlock Oil in Mature Fields Achieving True Integrated Operations IO (IPTC-18866-MS) Presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, 14-16 November, Bangkok, Thailand. 2016


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