2021 Eligibility Post

Well, that was quick. 2021 is almost at an end.  Time doesn’t just fly, it does so at a steadily increasing relative velocity. It wasn’t a super productive year for me, but it was full of great opportunities and it was busier than last year when I published a grand total of 0 stories. This year, I published 2 new stories and I’m working on a lot of stuff for next year and beyond 2022.

If you’re catching up on work for awards, or just looking for cool stories to read I’ve created this post for you. Just for you. It has links to the stories I published this year, some extra (relevant) information about them and what they are (probably) eligible for, if you’re so inclined. Here you go.

An Arc of Electric Skin” – Published in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, September 2021

  • A roadside mechanic in Lagos walks into a researcher’s office one day and volunteers to undergo an experimental procedure that will increase the conductivity of his skin several orders of magnitude. As the researcher prepares him for the procedure, she becomes emotionally involved with him and learns the tragic reason why he chose to undergo such a process.  
  • Genre indicators: Science fiction, africanfuturism, social sci-fi, political fiction
  • Word count: 2965 (Short Story category)
  • Reviewer highlights: Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction: September 2021 in Tor.com, Recommended in Locus Magazine and in SFRevu.
  • Eligible For: BSFA, Hugo, Nebula, Nommo, Asimovs Readers Award, Ignyte, Eugie Award, Locus, Theodore Sturgeon Award (and others)

Comments on Your Provisional Patent Application for An Eternal Spirit Core” – Published in Clarkesworld Magazine, March 2021

  • A man’s brother leaves comments on a shared online document for patent application as he reviews it, and he becomes increasingly alarmed at what the document proposes – a new consciousness-recording technology with a personal loss as its root.
  • Genre indicators: Science fiction, africanfuturism, afrofuturism, transhumanism, postcyberpunk
  • Word count: 1125 (Short Story category)
  • Reviewer Highlights: Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction: March 2021 in Tor.com, Quick Sip Reviews
  • Eligible For: BSFA, Hugo, Nebula, Nommo, Ignyte, Eugie Award, Locus, Theodore Sturgeon Award (and others)

Alright, that’s it.

On a related note, I’m also catching up on reading of my own and will (probably) have my usual favourite African SFF up by early next year – ideally January.

Take it easy.

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