In Writing (Or, What The Hell Did I Do In 2019 Anyway?)

Ah, 2019, you are almost gone from us. Only 1 month to go.

I’ve spent much of this year writing technical reports, documents and research or case study papers so unfortunately, haven’t done that fiction writing.

Here’s the (new) stuff I wrote (some of it from a while ago) that got published in 2019:


Short Stories: 

When We Dream We Are Our God” –  A short story about fathers, sons, AI, posthumanism, the singularity as well as the shared history and imaginary destiny of humans and computing systems. It appeared in English for the first time in Apex Magazine, May 2019 (it was originally published in the 10 Investigations: All Borders Are Temporary anthology in Norwegian as “Når Vi Drømmer, Er Vi Selv Gud”). It has gotten good feedback, and, positive reviews. This is the story I am most proud of from this years output as it covers an idea that has been interesting to me for a long time.

Abeokuta52” – Formatted as a a Nairaland post from the future about the impact of an alien craft crash landing in Abeokuta, this story is mostly me experimenting a bit with form. Something I really enjoy. Hint: You should definitely read the comments section. It appeared in  Omenana Issue 14, October 2019 which is an excellent issue with some great stories in it. You should definitely check it out. You can find a review here.

Debut” – which essentially paints a portrait of artificial intelligence as a young artist, was published in Overseas Magazine, March 2019 and I think its a fun story if you enjoy ruminations of the nature of AI and our relationships to it (this is becoming a bit of a thing for me isn’t it?)

Tends To Zero” – This is the story of a man, his grief and the city of Lagos made flesh. I like to think its very weird and very lyrical and in many ways reflects my feelings about Lagos, it appears in the Nowhereville: Weird Is Other People anthology which received a starred review from Publishers weekly.

If you enjoyed more than one of my short stories, and you’re thinking of nominating any of them for any of the upcoming awards or anything, When We Dream We Are Our God is the one I am most keen on.



“Polaris” – Exiled from Earth for a crime of passion, a young man must learn to survive a barely habitable prison planet and come to peace with his past. It appears in my collection “Incomplete Solutions” and is one of my personal favorites.



“Incompleteness Theories” – An international team, led by a Nigerian physicist, try to invent teleportation technology with haunting, unforeseen results. This is the center-piece of my collection “Incomplete Solutions” and it focuses on the complexity of knowing what makes us human is the only Novella I’ve written so far. Its gotten good reviews so far, been nominated for the Subjective Chaos Kind Of Awards, been listed on the Nerds Of A Feather Recommended reading list and I hope anyone who reads it, enjoys it.


Full cover


Other things:

Speaking of my collection, I got to attend and meet so many excellent writers, readers and generally awesome people at this years Ake book and arts festival where “Incomplete Solutions” which came out in June this year (and was noted in both in the Strange Horizons and Locus Magazine year in review and recieve) was one of the festival books on sale (you may have noticed, both the novella and novelette are from this collection) Some of them even let me deface their copies of my book with a hideous signature and barely legible writing. To those who elected that path, I salute you (and thank you, so much, I really hope you enjoy the book). If you read and liked it, do drop a rating/review on goodreads.

Hopefully, as the years comes to a close I’ll be able to finish the story I’ve been working on since last year… if only my schedule will allow. If only…

Speaking of time… I’m also reading as much AfricanSFF from this year that I can so my usual list of favorites is being updated. And updated. And updated…

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