Thoughts and Stuff: Early June

So May 2016 has come and gone and it certainly took its sweet time. It was a good month, I think. So much work. Lots of ups and downs but in terms of fiction, mostly good.

My essay ‘Why Africa Needs To Create More Science Fiction which was published in Omenana earlier this year, got reprinted in, a website focused on technology in Africa. I really like their site. You should check them out. The essay is also being translated to French and will be reprinted in that language by french Science fiction magazine Galaxies. Which is cool.

I’ve also been working with Geoff Ryman on a small project to list as many Science fiction and Fantasy short fiction by Africans and 1st generation people of African descent as possible because its important to record and promote these stories as best we can, lest they be ignored. Its being hosted by the good folks at Omenana.

Speaking of short fiction, I’ve had a bunch of my own fiction published recently:

Wednesday’s Story, which is a story about the days of the week made flesh and the stories they tell, is in the hugo-nominated magazine Lightspeed. It contains: forest spirits, time-travel (sort-of), Solomon Grundy, a tortoise, a dragon, a sentient tree-man, and other fantastical things. Its a sequel to my earlier story ‘Thursday which is in the Kalahari review. Its gotten decent reviews in a bunch of places, not everyone liked it but it was recommended by Rich Horton of Locus magazine, which is pretty excellent since Locus is one of the premiere magazines covering the SFF field.

I also have a story in the ‘Imagine Africa 500′ anthology (which I am really looking forward to reading too). Mark Bould reviews the collection here. (Side note: Mark writes some of the best essays and reviews of African SF work out there. His review of ‘African Monsters is one of my favorites) My story is called ‘Necessary and Sufficient Conditions’ and its about one man’s quest for revenge set after a long and brutal singularity war in a new, technologically dominant Africa. His revenge is linked to the reason Africa has become the way it is and this unravels with the story. I have another version of this story with a different ending which I really want to publish somewhere else once this anthology has made the rounds. Maybe somewhere, sometime, next year? Let’s see.

More science fiction from me. Futuristica Vol. 1 which contains my story ‘If They Can Learn’ in which a technical resolutions officer is suddenly called to Nigeria to find out why her company’s cyborg policeman just killed an unarmed teenage boy, is out now. I got the idea for this story after hearing about the shooting of Laquan McDonald and the circumstances surrounding that incident. My name is on the book cover, which is nice. I’ve read the entire anthology myself and its great. There was only one story I didn’t like. Most of the stories are very interesting with lots of cool science fiction ideas of the future and the anthology deliberately includes stories from all over the world so we get a great broad perspective.

Also my story ‘Nested‘ which appeared in hugo-nominated magazine SciPhi Journal, was reviewed favorably by Tangent Online. Cool.

Other thoughts:

I haven’t really liked this season of Game Of Thrones so far. The writers seem to be speeding to the end of the story and taking shortcuts. Having events happen suddenly and too conveniently.

I’m really looking forward to Lightspeed Magazine’s “PoC destroy” issues. The science fiction issue is out this month. Horror and Fantasy follow later in the year.

I’ve taken up an interest in rocketry and planetary dynamics. Lots of equations. Lots of fun.

The NakedConvos’s The Writer competition which I help set up is running smoothly and has produced some great stories so far. I cant pick sides or favorites. May the best writer win.

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for Juno Reactor after almost a decade of not listening to them. The 2008 ‘Shango album is amazing. And I’m not just saying that because its named after the thunder Orisha and has some afrofuturistic sound-based songs on there. I really like just like the album. Pistolero may be my favorite on there.

OK. That’s that.

Cheers people.


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